00171 Willingness To Improve Religiosity

Domain 10: vital principles
class 3: congruence between values/beliefs/actions
Diagnostic Code: 00171
Nanda label: disposition to improve religiosity
Diagnostic focus: religiosity
Approved 2004 • Revised 2013 • Evidence level 2.1

NANDA Nursing Diagnosis Definition

The Nanda nursing diagnosis « willingness to improve religiosity ” is defined as: confidence pattern in beliefs and/or participation in the rituals of a tradition of faith in particular, which can be reinforced.

Definite characteristics

  • Express desire to improve the connection with a religious leader
  • Express desire to improve forgiveness
  • Expresses desire to improve participation in religious experiences
  • Expresses desire to improve participation in religious practices
  • Express desire to improve religious options
  • Expresses desire to improve the use of religious material
  • Express desire to restore belief patterns
  • Express desire to restore religious customs

Suggestions of use

  • This well -being diagnosis does not need an etiology.

Suggested alternative diagnostics

  • Spiritual well -being, disposition to improve the
  • Religiosity, risk of deterioration of

NOC Results

  • Hope: Optimism that is personally satisfactory and promoter of life
  • Spiritual health: connection with themselves, with others, with a superior power, with life, nature and the universe, which transcends the self and gives power

Evaluation objectives and criteria

  • See the objectives and evaluation criteria for the diagnosis of deterioration of religiosity.

Other examples

The patient expresses satisfaction with his:

  • • Ability to carry out daily activities
  • • Role performance
  • • Happiness level
  • • Physical health
  • • Mental health

NIC Interventions

  • Spiritual support: help the patient feel in balance and communion with a superior power
  • Facilitation of spiritual growth: facilitation of the growth of the patient’s ability to identify, relate and resort to the source of meaning, purpose, comfort, strength and hope in their life
  • Inspiration of hope: Facilitation of the development of a positive perspective in a given situation
  • Improvement of the religious ritual: facilitation of participation in religious practices

Nursing Activities

  • See nursing activities for the diagnosis of religiosity deterioration.