00149 Risk Of Transfer Stress Syndrome

Domain 9: coping/stress tolerance
Class 1: posttraumatic responses
Diagnostic Code: 00149
NANDA Tag: Risk of Transfer Stress Syndrome
Diagnostic focus: transfer stress syndrome
Approved 2000 • Revised 2013, 2017

NANDA Nursing Diagnosis Definition

Nanda nursing diagnosis « risk of transfer stress syndrome Health.

Risk factors

  • Barriers in communication
  • Control of the inappropriate environment
  • Inadequate orientation before transfer
  • Inadequate social support
  • Ineffective coping strategies
  • Impotence
  • Situational challenge to the worth itself
  • Social isolation

Risk population

  • People face unpredictable experiences
  • People who move from one environment to another
  • People with a history of losses

Associated problems

  • Decrease in mental competition
  • Deterioration of health status
  • Deterioration of psychosocial functioning

Suggested alternative diagnostics

  • Impotence, risk of
  • Transfer stress syndrome
  • loneliness, risk of

NOC Results

  • Psychosocial adjustment: change of life: adaptive psychosocial response of an individual to an important change of life
  • Personal state: physical, psychological, social and spiritual general functioning, of an adult over 18 years
  • Preparation for High: Support for life: disposition of a patient to move from a health institute at a lower level of support for life enough alert for

Evaluation objectives and criteria

  • See Evaluation objectives/criteria for the diagnosis of translation stress syndrome.

NIC Interventions

  • Anticipatory Guide: Preparation of a patient for a situational crisis and/or anticipated development
  • Improvement of coping: assistance to a patient to adapt to stressful factors, changes or perceived threats, which interfere with the satisfaction of the demands and the roles of life
  • High planning: Preparation to transfer a patient from one level of care to another, inside or outside the current health institution
  • Stress reduction caused by transfer: assistance to the individual to prepare to, and A, face the change from one environment to another
  • Transport: between institutions: transfer from a patient from one institution to another

Nursing Activities

  • See Diagnosis Nursing Activities Stress syndrome by transfer.