00065 Ineffective Sexuality Pattern

Domain 8: sexuality
Class 2: sexual function
Diagnostic Code: 00065
Nanda label: ineffective sexuality pattern
Diagnostic focus: sexuality pattern
Approved 1986 • Revised 2006, 2017 • Evidence level 2.1

NANDA Nursing Diagnosis Definition

Nanda’s nursing diagnosis « ineffective sexuality pattern » is defined as: expressions of concern regarding sexuality itself.

Definite characteristics

  • Alteration of sexual activity
  • Alteration of sexual behavior
  • Alteration in couple sexual relations
  • Sexual role alteration
  • Difficulty with sexual activity
  • Difficulty with sexual behavior
  • Conflict of values ??

Related factors

  • Conflict over sexual orientation
  • Conflict due to changing preferences
  • Fear of pregnancy
  • Fear of sexually transmitted infections
  • Deterioration in couple sexual relations
  • Inappropriate strategic sexual alternatives
  • Inappropriate role models
  • Insufficient intimacy

Risk population

  • People without a significant person

Suggestions of use

  • When possible, a more specific label must be used, such as sexual dysfunction.

Suggested alternative diagnostics

  • Low situational self -esteem
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Body image, disorder
  • Traumatic violation syndrome

NOC Results

  • Sexual identity: recognition and acceptance of one’s own sexual identity
  • Physical maturation: Man: normal physical changes in man, who take place during the transition from childhood to adulthood
  • Physical maturation: woman: normal physical changes in women, who take place during the transition from childhood to adulthood
  • Abuse recovery: sexual: scope of healing of physical and psychological injuries due to sexual abuse or exploitation

Evaluation objectives and criteria

Examples with the use of noc> terms

  • demonstrates abuse recovery: sexual, as manifested by the following indicators (specify from 1 to 5: none, limited, moderate, substantial or broad):
    • Evidence of relationships without abuse with people of the same sex
    • Evidence of relationships without abuse with people of the opposite sex
    • Manifestations of comfort with gender identity and sexual orientation
  • demonstrates self -esteem, as manifested by the following indicators (specify from 1 to 5: never, rarely, sometimes, often or usually positive):
    • Expressions of self -acceptance
    • Feelings of own worth
    • Waiting for response from others

Other examples

The patient and his partner will be able to:

  • Participate actively in advice
  • Request the necessary information about sexuality
  • Recognize the importance of talking about sexual issues with the couple
  • Comment on concerns about sexuality
  • Express satisfaction with sexuality
  • Express feelings of self -acceptance and personal worth

NIC Interventions

  • Support for abuse protection: identification of high -risk dependency actions and relationships to prevent greater suffering of physical or emotional damage
  • Psychological advice: use of an interactive process of help focused on the needs, problems or feelings of the patient and their loved ones, to improve or strengthen coping, problem solving and interpersonal relationships
  • Sexual advice: use of an interactive help process that focuses on the need to make adjustments to sexual practices or improve the coping of an event or sexual disorder
  • Teaching: Safe sex: provision of instructions on protection during sexual activity
  • Teaching: Sexuality: Support for individuals to understand the physical and psychosocial dimensions of sexual growth and development
  • Improvement of self -esteem: Help a patient to increase the personal judgment of his own worth
  • Improvement of body image: improvement of perceptions and attitudes, conscious and unconscious, of a patient towards his body
  • Improvement of coping: Help the patient to adapt to stressful factors, changes or perceived threats, which interfere with the satisfaction of the demands and the roles of life
  • Improvement of the role: helps a patient, their family and loved ones, to improve relationships by clarifying and complementing specific role behaviors

Nursing Activities

  • See the nursing activities corresponding to the diagnosis of sexual dysfunction.