NANDA NIC NOC Nursing Diagnoses 2021 2023

NANDA NIC NOC NURSING DIAGNOSES Welcome to NANDA Diagnoses , this website has been created to make it easier for nurses to search for nursing diagnoses with their respective NIC and NOC . You will be able to carry out your clinical cases and PAE . You can also download each of the NANDA nursing diagnoses plus some examples, all in pdf format. We have updated each of the tags based on the NANDA 2021 2023 book, below you will find a list with all the labels  mentioned in the NANDA NIC NOC .

The NANDA-I book classification in its 2021 2023 pdf version currently has 267 nursing diagnoses : 46 new, 67 revised, 17 that have received label changes, and 23 withdrawn. A complete and up-to-date list of NANDA-approved nursing diagnoses can be found here . By accessing each of the diagnoses you will be able to find the definition of the diagnosis, defining characteristics, related factors, risk factors, population at risk, associated problems, suggestions for use, NOC objectives, NIC interventions and much more information.